Digital Brands Online

If the ability to purchase a service or product physically is taken away, brand and digital presence is key. When markets return to normal, consumers and audiences will require those products and services again. It is up to businesses and individuals to remain in the consumer’s sight and continue to keep the brand strong.


Getting Engaged


We have spoken about the importance of consumer engagement. Creating engaging content is not for the sole purpose of making a sale. By continuing to communicate with audiences they are being reminded of the brand and services available. The goal may have changed but the process is still the same. Delivering effective content marketing as part of a digital strategy will have a positive impact on brand loyalty and awareness. Audiences can still be analysed, and digital marketing efforts can still be measured. As always, content marketing should be undertaken with caution, especially if topics are deemed controversial. Being remembered for the wrong reasons will not be good for any brand.

The generation of quality content is a key element in all digital marketing strategies, regardless of the situation. Too much poor content will create a negative opinion. No content or little amounts of content will hold no value to the audience. It is important to still consider all the principles of a strong content marketing campaign, deliver engaging, relevant content to keep the brand consistent and valuable.


Social Media Marketing


Our last post highlighted communication, brands must keep the lines of communication strong, content marketing is one way to do this, Social Media is another. Social Media is a great platform for brands to engage and interact with audiences, if consumers follow or like a brand on Social Media they are probably relevant to the brand, or interested in the brand and what it has to offer.

Holding a strong Digital presence not only requires creative content marketing, well placed ads and a user friendly website. Brands want to stand out, in order to capture and keep loyal online followers and potential customers, marketing efforts should be unique and memorable. Thinking outside the box where possible and really analyzing consumer data to provide audiences not only with what they want, but what they don’t know they want!


Brand Marketing with a twist


Last year our blog post listed some websites that appeared to be for people wanting to waste time online. But the engaging content on those websites actually made people remember them. Brands are coming up with creative campaigns to entertain people, from virtual safari tours, to roller-coaster rides and a whole host of online interaction with celebrities and businesses. Whilst consumers may not be able to physically go out and purchase something or receive a service they are able to interact with the brand. Social media posts, videos, blog posts even live events or virtual events continue to keep the brand exactly where they want to be.

Keep audiences loyal, keep creating strong content and providing a great service.


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