Killing time or expanding your mind?

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The most popular websites in the world are unsurprisingly Google, YouTube and Facebook. In the Digital Marketing world our main focus is to create and manage a slick website, with relevant content that is packed with key words and a successful paid search campaign, oh and of course social media optimisation that rivals major brands. But, effective Digital Marketing methods aside, believe it or not there are websites out there that are designed for the whole purpose of helping people “waste time.” Ever been scrolling through social media or browsing news updated whilst waiting for something or travelling? Looking for a 5 minute break from work but can’t really leave the desk?

Last year Hubspot posted an article titled “The 27 Best Websites for Wasting Time of the Internet 2019.” Here are a few of our favourite and why they are not actually a waste of time at all!


This website is genius for those with little time or imagination when it comes to cooking. You simply select the ingredients you have and the website finds recipes for you! Or you select a couple of products you have and it will give you suggestions of complimentary items.


Originally an organisation that uses data to help scientists learn more about the species in the ocean, Ocearch allows viewers to see where certain creatures are. Turtles, sharks, whales, seals, dolphins and even alligators are marked on the map and some are tagged and given names so they can be followed. A bit of fun, but also offers the opportunity to learn more about animals in the wild.

Gravity Points

Remember back in the good old days at school doing the science experiments with iron filings and a magnet? Gravity Points is the digital version of that very same project! Gravity Points is an offshoot of the CodePen website for designers and developers. You plot the points and watch the tiny objects fly towards the point. Fun if you add lots of points but also a nice break from coding if you are on the CodePen website.

How Stuff Works

Quite simply a website dedicated to “how stuff works”. With easy to understand answers and explanations of almost anything you could think of. This site has more than 30 million visitors each month and is mesmerizing as you search a plethora of topics from “What is a polar vortex?” to the history of the toilet flush. How to build an underwater tunnel or print objects using sound waves. This website could suck hours of time from you, but you would be learning at the same time!

Google Maps Street View

Possibly one of the greatest time consuming activities online, Google Maps Street View is genius, allowing the average human chance to see sites and visit places they may never physically see. The Palace of Versailles in France, Great Barrier Reef in Australia, New York, Mount Everest Base Camp, Shipwrecks, Aeroplane Car Parks, Launch sites at NASA and many, many other extreme, amazing or just plain bizarre sights. There are websites dedicated to Google Maps giving the most unique co-ordinates so users can happily spend hours travelling the world.


So, waste of time or educational? Whichever your point of view – take a look at one of the above websites on your next break!


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