Unique Advertising to Capture your Audience

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Digital Marketing is more than metrics, it is more than clicks and conversions. Yes, the goal is to sell a product or service, but Digital Marketing is the doorway to the brand universe….

Creativity is a huge part of branding, memorable ads, thought provoking content and impressionable images are some of the most powerful Digital Marketing tactics. But, being creative isn’t just about looking good, it is about reaching the right people at the right time, with the right message. It is also about brand consistency whatever the medium or platform is serving the advertisement.


Be Unique


Standing out from the crowd is another reason brands get creative with ad campaigns. If there are 10 adverts for a particular product or service, you want to be the brand that stands out. To do this you don’t need to be the loudest, boldest or even spend the most money. You need to be creative.

Is there a television ad that makes you laugh? A social media post that you share? A blog article that you comment on?

Not every brand can afford a celebrity endorser or flashy ad campaign. But standing out doesn’t need to be expensive. Standing out needs to be clever.


Dumb Ways to Die


Metro trains launched their “Dumb Ways to Die” campaign, a simple cartoon with a catchy tune and some silly characters that could have been drawn by a 5 year old. Rather than focus just on staying safe around trains, they created a whole song about really stupid ways to die such as selling both your kidneys on the internet or poking a grizzly bear.

What initially started as a humorous way to highlight safety around trains, quickly became a global sensation. The song was a top 10 hit on itunes, the Youtube video was an instant success. Soft toys, a mobile app, a book, posters, social media campaigns. The list is endless, all from a campaign that could have been a run of the mill public service announcement. Young people loved it and learned about safety around trains, the older generation who didn’t love it found it highly annoying but were still aware of it and the message it was trying to convey all along.

The result for Metro trains? A 21% reduction in accidents and deaths on its network as a result of the campaign. (Source: AdAge)


Back to Basics


Before launching a YouTube video or international campaign, creative marketing can start anywhere. Writing a blog post, or targeting a Pay Per Click campaign to grab consumers attention. Interesting imagery in a display ad, even the layout of your website. At eppiq Marketing we are experts in creative marketing, brand positioning and identity. We work with clients to generate individual websites, effective search and display marketing campaigns and promote your brand to potential customers.

Get in touch with eppiq today for more information on creating a unique Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.