Offline marketing covers a whole gamut of different media, but in nearly all cases the problem is knowing if it’s working or not. We use simple techniques, backed up by clever software, to tell you whether your offline activities are driving business; here are some examples.

A5 post cards

Designed, printed and sent for as little as 55p per card (yes, that includes the postage!) these cards are very effective as disruptive marketing. These days, the average business post bag is  nowhere near the size it used to be, so actually, each item does receive some attention. We can use your data or we can supply postal data from Royal Mail targeting a postcode, town or area. Get your message out there with a glossy well designed card.

Print and send service

What we can do with cards we can also do with larger paper documents, so if you are looking to send out large quantities of Price lists, Brochures, AGM notices or Contract Ts & Cs, we can help you with print and send. We can also provide landing pages for enquiries, and trackable QR codes or unique URLs and phone numbers, all of which ensure that you know how many enquiries your marketing is generating.

Radio Ads

You’ve probably heard bigger brand radio ads that say “search online for ….”, we can help you set up the pages and make sure they appear at the top of the search results for that phrase.