Content Marketing with Confidence

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Creating engaging content can be a challenge. In fact creating any content can be a challenge. If your industry is a niche market or not the most inspiring topic of discussion, generating ideas for content marketing, never mind the actual content, can be difficult.


So where do you start?


Firstly any good content marketing strategy looks at the audience, the industry and the marketing objectives. Who are the people who will be reading the content? Customers, potential customers? Is the purpose of the content to reinforce customer loyalty and support, or to drive people to purchase your product or service.


Look at the big picture


Company X could be looking for an increase of 10% in sales.

Company Y wants to increase their brand awareness.

Company Z want to get people to sign up to a newsletter.

The main organisational goals need to be clearly defined so that content can be targeted and generated appropriately.


Learn from the past


Unless you are starting content marketing from scratch, it is likely that there will have been past attempts. By analysing the results of past content marketing, you can identify what worked and what didn’t, what customers liked or didn’t like, and formulate a content marketing strategy from there.

Successful content is identified by a number of elements. Firstly clicks, did potential customers click on a title from the search results, did they follow a link from an email or did they click on a post on the website? Was the content shared on social media, did people engage with social posts, commenting and reacting to them. Analytics allow an accurate measurement of content and how it is received. Ultimately you must ask; did it work? Were the business objectives achieved?


More analysis:


If you offer a product or service, look to the audience for content creation. For example if you offer a cleaning tool, what are people trying to clean? If the service is a taxi service, where do people want to go? Selling make-up? What looks are currently popular, how can customers recreate them? Offering an online accounting service? What issues could people face that may require them to search for that service? Anticipating and observing the customer’s behaviours can help with content creation.


Clear goals, especially in the content


Content marketing must be relevant. Content should be centred around the product or service you offer. If a current event or topic can be related to your business then include it, but always air on the side of caution with regards to controversial subjects like politics or religion. You don’t want your content to be engaging for the wrong reasons.

Good content will capture attention and engage the viewer. Finishing a piece of content with a direction or suggestion will make the content effective. “Sign up to our monthly newsletter for more top tips!” “Receive 10% off your next order if you share this post.” “Send to a friend for exclusive discount.” Add a comment section under content to open the option for discussion.


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