Moving our Digital Marketing to 2023

With the end of 2022 almost upon us, we like to take this time to look forward to the new year ahead. This year, and it’s trials, have taught us that Digital Marketing is more important than ever and an online presence is priceless.

As we move forward into 2023, what are the key factors to consider within our Digital Marketing Strategy?


Search Engine Optimisation


Search algorithms are always changing, SEO should never be off the Digital Marketing radar! User experience crops up time and time again, stressing the importance of designing a digital experience for the user’s benefit.

User experience is now a key factor in search engine ranking. Google for example will only rank pages that offer a good user experience. The facts stack up as Google researched it and found that 50% of people will not make an online purchase from a brand with a badly designed mobile website.

Other considerations were load times, mobile app availability and ease of use. If people cannot find what they are looking for or do what they want to do then they move on. To keep ranking well and keep the search engines happy it is important to follow theses 3 rules:

  1. Consistency across all devices and platforms. From mobile phones to tablets, desktops to smart TV’s even, your brand and website should look the same and operate the same. Making sure your website functions properly in different browsers is important too.
  2. Time is of the essence. Slow loading is a killer for any website on any device. Optimising your website correctly to stop large images or snippets of code slowing down the rendering of the site is a key aspect of your digital strategy.
  3. Simple as ABC. Your website should be easy to find and even easier to use! Avoid complex user journeys, make it clear and straightforward.


The Psychology of it All


Google reported that there was an increase in searches starting with “can I” “should I” and “do I need”. Many homes have a connected device such as Google Home or Alexa and research has shown that search engines need to consider the more personal approach to search results. Users are more likely to talk to Alexa or Siri rather than search for a keyword. These devices require the user to search in the form of asking a question.

A digital marketing basic is to provide relevant content for users and potential customers. By anticipating the audience’s needs and the types of questions they may ask, businesses can design content to answer their question. Consider the requirements a user of your product or service may have. Anticipate their queries and answer them in a blog post or piece of content.


Simple as a Click


Have you ever typed something into Google and the search results have given you what you were looking for straightaway?

More often search results are bringing up videos, definitions, shopping options, telephone numbers so you don’t have to click around until you find what you were looking for. These searches are called Zero Click results. For example, if you search for a current key event or hot topic you will likely be served a whole host of information without having to go any further than the results page.  These type of zero click searches are highly favoured by internet users as it is providing access to the desired information as instantly as possible. Search Engine Journal reported that 62% of mobile users never even click on search results.


There are plenty of other trends, processes and strategies to come as we close off this year and begin the next. For help with any of your Digital Marketing needs, get in touch with the consultants at Eppiq Marketing today!