The Power of the Mobile Phone

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Could you live without yours?

With mobile phones overtaking desktop usage, having a current mobile marketing strategy is one of the most important steps you must take in your Digital Marketing.

The Power of the Mobile Device

Mobile phones were designed to be exactly that: a mobile telephone, making it simple for people to make calls on the move.

Today mobile devices do so much more. Web browsers, video cameras, gaming systems, social media sources, navigators, calendars, alarm clocks, torches, organisational systems to name a few. Just using your phone to make a call is definitely a thing of the past.

Statistics and History

Current figures show that there are 91.5 million mobile subscriptions in the UK to date, and 75% of adults own a smart phone.

According to Google, 2015 made internet history, as for the first time more searches were done on a mobile device than a desktop. This means there is a good chance that when someone is looking for something, they are starting the search process on their mobile device.

Are you Mobile Friendly?

If your business is found through a mobile device, the next step in the process is to ensure your website is mobile friendly. How does the site appear when on a smaller device as opposed to a desktop display? Is it an easy browsing experience?

Google have been favouring mobile friendly websites in the search results. For potential customers this is great as the chances are most sites appearing in the top spots for search results will be mobile friendly. You can actually check your website to see how Google views it and whether it is deemed mobile suitable.

Mobile friendly test:

If your website isn’t optimised for mobile, it’s likely any other work you have been doing to promote your website or boost the rankings, will be wasted.

Communication Still Remains

Mobile devices were simply telephones for communication, obviously this is still the case but the level of communication has reached new levels. Apps, wifi, high res cameras offer so many different ways to share information. Social media and social media apps push the process of communication even further. Posts, tweets and  images can be shared across the globe reaching potential customers in an instant.

To truly benefit from mobile marketing you need to build a relationship process. Dialogue needs to be exchanged. Post an image on social media and look to get comments, retweets, shares – any type of response. The “mobile” nature of mobile phones means it is easy to stay connect and on top of social posts and messages. You can respond to customers and potential customers on the go, constantly remaining connected to your target market.

Have you caught ’em all?

One of the latest trends is the Pokemon Go app. This free app uses GPS to place your trainer avatar on a map and interact with virtual creatures. There are various points across the world that are Pokestops to collect virtual resources for game users. Eventually businesses will be able to sponsor Pokestops to lure Pokemon Go users to their place of business! In fact some businesses have already started to take advantage of the fact that their business is a Pokestop or is near to one. With an average of 45 millions daily active Pokemon Go users, posting on social media that your business is a hot spot not only connects with your current clientele, it attracts new customers by connecting the latest trend to your business.

Just one day after its July 6th release, Pokemon Go had already been installed on more Android devices than Tinder, and threatened to overtake Twitter in number of active users. Not only did the game surpass the dating app, but players in early July spent more time trying to catch Pokemon in the real world than using other popular apps including WhatsApp and Instagram. (Source: MailOnline)

Location, Location, Location

Prior to the Pokemon phenomena, people could “check in” to locations via Facebook. Or tag businesses on Twitter:

“Loving my new dishwasher from @dishwasher_express #dishwasherperfect”

This not only increases brand awareness but provides a perfect place to “share” or “retweet” to potential customers.

Yes, all of this can be done on a desktop computer, but life is hectic. The evolution of the mobile device allows people to send a quick tweet reviewing a product or ask a question via an email without having to be physically at a desk or a computer.

Develop your Mobile Marketing Strategy

In order to achieve the best from a mobile marketing strategy you need to consider your industry and target customer demographics just for starters.

We can help you put together a mobile marketing strategy to not only keep you in the game, but provide results.


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