Product Placement and Pay Per Click

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There were over 100 products placed in Netflix’s blockbuster “Stranger Things”. Early reports claim $15 million in advertising value in the first three days of release. However, Netflix claim that none of the brands or products that appear in Stranger Things were paid for or placed by third parties. They are all there as they are part of the creator’s storytelling, which references 1980’s consumer behaviour and pop culture at the time.

We touched on Netflix figures in a previous post “Clear Digital Data is a Priority” so the reports are questionable, but according to Netflix, 40.7 million accounts watched the season since it launched on 4th July 2019.


Brands on Point


The brand giants were not daft and jumped on the Stranger Things band wagon long ago with Coca Cola, Adidas, Reebok and Burger King all partnering up with the show as part of their promotional strategy.


So how does this relate to Digital Marketing?


If you are not a multi-million pound corporation, product placement is still a very real possibility. Your brand may not feature on a prime time award winning TV show but wherever the brand appears it is important to shout about it!

Small businesses can sponsor local events, the event is reported in the local paper, and on the town website and social media which is shared between friends. Franchises or brand representatives can share when their product is used by celebrities. For example there are many entrepreneurs who sell a brand/product locally. But the brand is recognised globally. Just because you didn’t physically sell it to the customer, doesn’t mean you can’t promote it when it’s used. (Copyright allowing of course.)

It could be as simple as wearing a t’shirt with your brand on it to an event. Putting a window sticker in the car or carrying a branded pen.

If you are promoting a brand, product or business then make it something potential customers see everywhere. Perhaps not on TV but use the tools available such as social media, local events or business specific directories.


Paid Search and relevant advertisements


If product placement isn’t an option, get your business seen by implementing Paid Search tactics. Running ads through Google or Bing is a great way to direct relevant traffic to your website. At eppiq Marketing we are experts in running successful campaigns for our clients. Website visits, or phone calls or even physical visits can be increased with a good PPC Campaign. Setting up a paid search campaign and making it work effectively can be complex, we are a Google Partner and our consultants have a wealth of experience.


We know what works and what doesn’t. Get in touch today for help with Brand Identity and Placement, or PPC.