Bing Ads Rebrand as Microsoft Advertising

Published On: May 21, 2019Categories: MarketingTags: , , ,

If you bring up a search engine on your computer, there is a very large possibility that it will be Google. As at April 2019 Google held 88.46% of the global market share, whilst Bing accounted for 4.81%. (Statista) Google is packed with advertisers bidding on keywords, but does anyone really consider Bing? Bing might have less overall usage and less traffic, but it also has less competition from other advertisers.

Google vs Bing


When advertising on Google you have two main options; Search Network and Display Network. Ads can be run across these two networks for maximum reach and effectiveness. Bing Ads work slightly differently as Bing is owned by Microsoft, who also own Yahoo and AOL. When you advertise on Bing your ads will display on all three search engines. The Bing network is growing rapidly and is likely to continue to rise given the latest brand developments.

Rebrand – Microsoft Advertising


Bing Ads will now be known as Microsoft Advertising. The Vice President of Microsoft Advertising, Rik van der Kooi said “it is a simple shift. This is because clients and partners already know it as Microsoft, and many are already tapping into its new advertising products to go further in search, such as the Microsoft Audience Network.”

Last year Google had a brand change from Adwords to Google Ads. This was reportedly to reflect the platform’s evolution from keyword based search ads into one that supports many different ad formats such as text, shopping, video, app, display across Google’s network of sites.

What does the future hold?


Microsoft Advertising propose to introduce more advertising products with built in AI, more connected to data and business. Under the broader Microsoft branding they can offer more and take the platform even further. Microsoft Advertising wants to innovate and inspire becoming an empowering partner for businesses, focusing on personalisation and AI.

Bing will remain the consumer search brand, but Microsoft Advertising (formally Bing Ads) will give access to more audience driven data, allowing for greater analysis and optimisation of digital marketing efforts.


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