Artificial Intelligence meets Johann Sebastian Bach

Published On: March 21, 2019Categories: Design, Marketing, Social Media, WebsiteTags:

Today Google have launched their first ever AI-powered Google Doodle.

When you click on the Google Doodle on the Google homepage you are invited to an interactive experience celebrating the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

Players can compose a two measure melody of their choice. The game uses machine leaning to harmonize the custom melody into Bach’s style. You can even go Rock and Roll by clicking on an amplifier in the corner.



The animation unpacks Bach and his piano and gives a short intro on how to play the game. The Doodle uses machine learning to power it, teaching the computer to generate it’s own answers rather than using a traditional method of programming using rules.

We discussed Google Doodle’s in our recent blog post. This particular Google Doodle is not only interesting, it is another step in technological advancements and a sign of things to come as AI and machine learning becomes more relevant and more accessible.

For more information on this inspiring Google Doodle – check out Google’s video: