Why Digital Marketing is an Investment, not an Expense

Published On: July 18, 2017Categories: MarketingTags: ,

Digital Marketing mindset for positive thinking

For an agency or marketer, the hardest part of making a sale is talking about money. Small businesses or one man band’s don’t have a “marketing budget” so to speak. However, its our job to show them how every company needs marketing. Whether you have a product, service or and idea, it will require support and encouragement to sell.

Digital Marketing needs to be seen as an investment. A flexible investment.

Great Digital Marketing doesn’t “cost” money it “makes” money

By employing a good digital marketing agency or consultant, you can invest your money wisely to get the best possible return. It’s like the saying goes “you have to spend money to make money”, but it’s how the money is spent. A good Digital Marketing plan will outline the best possible solutions and processes for any budget given.

It doesn’t have to be expensive

Start small and build up, a small investment in social advertising, then perhaps some SEO, moving onto Marketing Automation as the business grows. Any digital marketing efforts can be tailored or adapted to suit the size of the business, the type of product and the budgets and restraints of the client. If budgets are tight then a good Digital Marketing agency will optimise that budget and use it wisely.

Digital Marketing is an investment in your brand and its idea or purpose. If you join a gym you are investing in your health, having a savings account at the bank is an investment in your future. Digital Marketing is an investment in your business.

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