The ABC of Website Design

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At eppiq Marketing we have designed and built many successful websites. We are confident that our knowledge and understanding of Digital Marketing and Website Design provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their online presence. Here are a few things we like to consider when putting together a website for a customer.


A is for Accuracy


Incorrect information on websites can lead to all manner of problems. Customers using the all too familiar phrase “but your website says…” A website is likely to be the main source of information for any potential or existing customer. If the website says that the business opens at 9am, but the sign on the door says 10am, not only is there conflicting information, it looks unprofessional and doesn’t encourage confidence in the brand or organisation.


B is for Brand


The website must reflect the brand. Website design must consider logo, ethos, even the correct shade of a colour. A good website will act as a first impression, if the website logo and theme doesn’t match anything else, all sense of brand identity could be lost.


C is for Clear


It is unlikely that people go to the phonebook for contact information now. Most potential customers will likely search for a business online and use their website for an email address or telephone number. Contact details need to be clearly displayed on a website, in either the header or footer of the home page, or a clearly accessible “Contact” page or button. If a website visitor has to spend several minutes searching the site for contact details it is likely they will look elsewhere for the product or service.


D is for Domain


Well established businesses with a great brand following, who are well known can afford the luxury of a confusing domain name, sometimes irrelevant to the product! For everyone else the domain name can be a deal-breaker. Ideally the domain will be the business name but this isn’t always possible. A website address will be on all branding, business cards, leaflets, advertisements. If a business sells office supplies it wouldn’t want to have a domain that references gardening. Or, a music shop wouldn’t want a domain that implies it sells cars.

If the business name or industry is not available then there are plenty of options to make sure that the domain has a positive impact, rather than a negative on a website.


E is for Easy to Use


A website can look fantastic, amazing imagery, clear brand identity and a well-informed home page, BUT… if it is complicated to navigate, or users can’t figure out how to get to information, all the aesthetics are wasted. Website design must consider how the website will be used and what the user may wish to achieve.

If it is an eCommerce website, the goal is to get users to purchase a product. Is it simple to select the product and put it in the virtual basket? Is the payment system straightforward? If users are required to complete a form, is it complicated? Once the website user has finished an action, can they get back to the home page easily? A great website that is difficult to use is pointless.


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