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Published On: March 27, 2021Categories: MarketingTags: , , ,

5G – Has it changed the world? Revolutionized the way we live and set a new path for digital technology as we know it? One thing it has definately done is offer better experiences for smartphone users which offers opportunity for enhanced mobile marketing.


Lets take a look at a brief history of the “G” pathway:


  • 1G – allowed for mobile voice calls
  • 2G – gave us mobile voice calls and text messages
  • 3G – provided mobile web browsing
  • 4G – resulted in higher data speeds and mobile video
  • 5G – promises the technology to serve consumers and digitize industries


Smartphone Nation


In the UK it is estimated that 95% of the population own a mobile phone and 82.9% of those are smartphones. So why is 5G so important to businesses? Well with much of consumer browsing and purchasing being done via a smartphone, 5G allows for greater speed. If a consumer wants to watch a video or browse an online catalogue they don’t want to be interrupted waiting for load times.

Google recommends that the ideal website load time for mobile sites is under 3 seconds. Any website that is slow can be a negative factor but mobile sites in particular need to be swift. Chances are that if a potential customer is looking for a product or service on a mobile device they don’t want to spend a great deal of time waiting for pages to load. When undertaking mobile website design and mobile marketing, making the process as straightforward as possible is top priority. Initially websites struggled if they were not responsive on mobile devices, meaning they had to render a slightly different layout and format if not being viewed on a desktop.

It is always better to air on the side of caution and assume that consumers will not have the fastest connection capability and design and market a mobile website that takes this into consideration. However, as technology moves forward, even the slowest connections will seem quick.

Changing the Game


In terms of 5G, it is hailed as a game changer, particularly as the digital world has grown and more and more businesses are relying on digital services such as video marketing, social media and online advertising. By providing consumers with quicker download speeds, businesses can adapt marketing strategies to include more short video ads, or more interactive campaigns. Social media marketing also becomes more powerful as images and videos can be shared instantly with no delays or buffering issues.

5G has been another step towards a fully digital future as it allows for improved reliability. This doesn’t just mean that disrupted phone calls will be a thing of the past, it allows for more innovation towards technology where reliability is essential, particularly the automotive industry and even new methods within the medical profession. 5G allows for better virtual reality or augmented reality experiences and as we have discussed in the past, these types of services are becoming more accessible and even more expected by consumers.

So what do you need to do to take advantage of 5G?


Offering a website that is fully responsive is the first step, perhaps adding features to digital marketing strategies that were not considered before. By carrying out constant market research to see what customers expect, businesses can keep up with competitors or even be one step ahead.


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