Stay in the Game

Published On: July 6, 2017Categories: MarketingTags:

The importance of an adaptable Digital Marketing Strategy for any business wanting to succeed in a modern world

Last month we featured an article “The Power of the Mobile Phone” discussing the importance of the mobile phone and how it plays a huge part in our daily lives.

We spoke about Pokemon Go and how it almost overtook Twitter for active daily users. Since this article, there has been a sharp decrease in Pokemon Go users, which leads into Digital Marketing Strategy. Something that was a huge phenomenon can take a swift turn if it’s not giving customers what they want.

New figures show that nearly 10 million users have abandoned the game altogether and the active users have decreased by almost 15,000,000 in the last month alone.


There are various reviews, reasons and theories. There were glitches in the game, update problems, no progression past a certain point, no new exciting updates. Some say it’s a seasonal decline with people not wanting to get out and about now the winter is coming. Another opinion is that the consumers are less interested in augmented reality and are looking for virtual reality interactions.

A few months ago Pokemon Go broke the Apple Store record for most downloads in a week, and despite being a free download, the game has generated almost $45 million worldwide through in-app purchases.

The lesson to learn from this is even the most popular game in the world has to work at it to stay at the top. Game developers Niantic have said they are working to improve the games longevity, however are they too late? Has the interest disappeared?

How is this Relevant?

The same can be said for Digital Marketing. Is your website current? Do you update it with regular interesting, relevant content? Is it easy to use and does it offer your customer or potential consumer something?

Are your ads eye-catching? Do they appear in the right places? Targeted Search and Display Campaigns can make sure your ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

Digital Marketing is about being adaptable, adjusting your designs, campaigns, content or resources to suit the market. Having an adaptable Digital Marketing Strategy is key to any business.

Don’t be like Pokemon Go – talk to us today about creating and implementing a fully adaptable Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.