You Never Know What Is Beneath The Surface

Published On: November 16, 2017Categories: Social Media, WebsiteTags: ,

The World Wide Web is a huge place. But does anyone know how big it actually is?

Think of it as an iceberg. At first glance it is a large piece of ice floating on the ocean, but look deeper and under the water it extends further than you expected.

The web is the same. According to research there are approximately 47 billion websites. Google reports that the internet comprises of 5,000,000 TB of data and they’ve only indexed 0.04% of it.

So how is it made up?

On the surface there is Google, Wikipedia, Bing – the search engines and established public search platforms. This is where our digital marketing services such Search Engine Optimisation and PPC come into play.

The next stage down is what is known as the “deep web,” containing 90% of the information on the internet but not accessible by the surface web crawlers. For example the deep web could contain:

  • Academic information
  • Medical records
  • Legal documents
  • Scientific reports
  • Financial records
  • Government resources

and most well known – Social Media is contained on the deep web.

We offer Intranet services to develop or improve your internal internet web solutions, Social Media optimisation and Marketing Automation.

Does it go further?

Yes, right at the bottom of the “iceberg” is the “dark web.” This part of the internet is only accessible via anonymous programmes and software. Political protests, private communications, illegal information and websites make up the dark web.


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