Migrate Your old Website to WordPress

Published On: June 26, 2022Categories: WebsiteTags:

Are you stuck using an old CMS (content management system) that is driving you mad? Are you unable to update your website? There are many downfalls to using an out of date CMS, this includes the security of your website and also your ranking on Google! We discuss why you should migrate your old website to WordPress.


Why is an old CMS bad?


Using an old CMS can be very harmful to your business. An old content management system is easier to hack, meaning if you store customer data it could be compromised. Hackers could delete your website, change your websites content and all round cause your business a lot of grief. And let’s be honest, a potential customer doesn’t want to see hacked content, pop-ups and redirects to irrelevant sites.

Old CMS also uses dated SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques and technology. If you have noticed your rankings plummeting in the past couple of years it may be a sign that it’s time to migrate your old website to a new CMS.

Old CMS is hard to use, which makes it more difficult to train your staff on updating your website, adding new content and just general up keep. It will also take more valuable time and effort to keep your site ‘going’.

When you finally do come to re-designing or adjusting your website it will be much easier on a modern CMS like WordPress. WordPress has thousands of resources, plugins and responsive themes that you can use to leverage your old website design.


How we can help you migrate your old website to WordPress


At eppiq Marketing we are experts in migrating old websites to our preferred CMS WordPress. We can convert just about any website, whether that’s a website built in DNN, Umbraco, Drupal, Magento or any other outdated CMS out there. When we migrate your old website we make sure to maintain the styling, layout and permalink structure of your website, so your rankings on Search Engines are not affected. See below a before and after of a recent website migration below (click the images to enlarge):

Contact us to start your website conversion


If you’re interested in migrating your old website to a shiny new CMS like WordPress, contact us today and we can discuss how we can leverage your existing site. Interested in a completely new website design and CMS? Check out our previous work here.