Measure more than Home Page Metrics

Published On: May 16, 2019Categories: Marketing, WebsiteTags: ,

However it is reported, there was a time when the success of a Digital Marketing Strategy or campaign could be measured by seeing how many people visited the website. Lots of visitors would mean any activities were a success. The main goal was to get audiences to the website, once there they would be guided through to the desired outcome, a newsletter sign up, a purchase or action.

As the digital world evolves, it is important to consider HOW consumers are interacting with brands away from the home page. Engagement on social media, depending on the business, can be more relevant than a visit to the website. Viewing home page visits no longer provides the whole picture of audience actions.


What can we measure?


Any form of traceable consumer interaction can be used to judge the success of a campaign or digital marketing strategy. Mobile search, voice assistant, map search, mobile apps, adverts, social media links, are all valid forms of brand interaction. Without taking these into account, where applicable, marketers are not generating a whole evaluation. Without the full story, adjusting budgets and marketing efforts could be pointless.


Nothing is straightforward


Well, that’s not entirely true….but it was simple to check website visitors. Now there are more elements to track, but at eppiq Marketing we are experts in elements and the procedures required to review all areas of brand interaction.

Imagine you are taking a trip, you can reach your destination via a straight road. But, you can also reach your destination via a detour. The purpose of analyzing all activity is to make sure that if customers do take the detour, we are aware of it and can adapt our digital marketing strategy accordingly.


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