Make it Personal for Your Customers

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There are many Digital Marketing techniques and practices that offer consumers information based on their interests and behaviours.

How important is it to make your customer feel as if they are receiving a direct message or personal experience?

Personalised Marketing

Back in 2013 Coca Cola launched their “share a coke with…” campaign. They selected the most popular names and printed them on their labels. There was an option to purchase uncommon or unusual names online. People were hunting through shelves for their names, bottles could be brought as gifts, they were even used in baby announcements and proposals. Coca Cola optimised their campaign even further by inviting people to create and share stories online via social media, adding selfies and pictures of special moments using their personalised bottles.


According to Coca Cola this campaign resulted in 998 million impressions on Twitter, 235,000 tweets using the #ShareaCoke hashtag, more than 150 million personalised bottles were sold, over 730,000 glass bottles were personalised and purchased online. By taking a huge brand and allowing people to personalise their products, Coca Cola not only boosted their brand further, they boosted their profits.

It was indeed so successful that they launched another Share a Coke campaign using holiday destinations in 2017. Adding dream destinations on the labels such as Bali, Miami and Hawaii and giving the opportunity to win a dream holiday using a unique code in the bottle top, entering via the Coca Cola website.

Names are everything

75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer or business that will recognise them by name or recommend options based on their interests and past purchases. (Accenture 2017)

People don’t have the time to browse through constant streams of advertising, we’ve known that for some time. Making sure ads are targeted and specific to audiences is the forefront of any online ad campaign. By taking it one step further and personalising ads, there is now the opportunity to gain an advantage in a highly competitive digital world.

How do you make it personal?

It could be as simple as adding the customer name to an email marketing newsletter. The goal of any business is to create customers and keep customers. By developing a sense of brand loyalty customers will stay customers for longer. If a customer feels that a brand understands their needs and requirements they are more likely to have an emotional connection with that brand and in turn will develop strong brand loyalty.

Tesco supermarket shoppers have the “scan as you shop” option to avoid going through the checkouts, when the customer scans their Tesco loyalty card they collect a handset which welcomes them with a personalised message on the screen. Supermarkets in particular are also good as utilising purchase data and offering customers discounts on products they have purchased before or products they may like based on past purchases, as many main retailers do via direct mail, email or coupons in store.


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