How to keep Google Happy

Published On: November 9, 2017Categories: Marketing, WebsiteTags: , ,

Google dominates the organic search on the web. Let’s be honest it pretty much controls the internet!

How can you keep your website on Google’s good side?

Give visitors what they want

High quality content, useful information and basically giving your visitors the answers to their questions. Think what someone searching for your product/service would want to know? What would they type into a search engine?

If someone typed in how to clean a floor, they don’t want information about washing machines!

Keep your website relevant and useful. Effective content marketing plans will do this.

Develop Links

There are two kinds of links as far as Google is concerned: Natural and Un-natural.

Natural links will develop as others find your content useful. People will link to it, share it, talk about it.

Un-natural links are clearly just to gain traffic or make your site seem more popular than it is. Google will spot the difference straight away and if the links are not natural they will penalize your website.


Make sure your website has a logical structure, every page should be reachable from one static text link. Large images or high quality videos that take forever to load are not appealing to anyone. Neither is clicking through several pages to get to where you want to be!

Google Guidelines and What Not To Do

eppiq consultants are all Google Certified and well practiced in what Google looks for in a website.

A few key things to avoid according to Google are:

  • Keyword stuffing, filling your pages with irrelevant keywords just to get the page to rank highly.
  • Hidden pages, for the same reason as above. Pages that you don’t want the audience to see, shouldn’t contain keywords and links.
  • Images displaying names or links. Google crawlers won’t actually recognise text in graphics.


Back to Basics

Design your website for user experience, not for search engine rankings. If the website design and content is effective then the rankings will follow.

Don’t be deceptive, Google are wise to all the tricks, nothing goes unnoticed!

Make your website unique and of value to the users. Stand out from the crowd.

Be aware of any spam or hackers, these will effect your site with Google, stay on top of it and remove it.

For any questions or help with how to manage your website and Google, get in touch with us today.