Is Ego preventing a connection?

Published On: September 20, 2018Categories: Marketing, Social MediaTags: ,

Digital Marketing used to be simply getting your product or service seen online. As the world of technology and connectivity has evolved so has Digital Marketing. Social Media has given businesses and individuals a platform to project their voice to millions. An online world where a message can be seen, shared and discussed far and wide.

Making a Connection

We have seen the power of social media go from strength to strength, but it is important to remember that online messages have to be very clear. In the Digital Marketing world there is a big difference between being proud, and having an ego. You would think that to be noticed online you have to be the boldest, biggest, brightest name out there, but as society has evolved, so have audience expectations. The audience no longer choose the most dominant, today it is more often that not, about the connection.

Me, me, me

Some have used social media – not to connect with their audience but to boost themselves. They have shouted about how wonderful they are, how fantastic their product is….but they haven’t considered their customer. The customer is looking for a solution, are they going to chose a product because it has a big shiny ad campaign and says it is the best, or are they going to chose a product because it best suits their requirements?

The definition of ego is a sense of inflated self-esteem or self-importance. Those with egotistical traits favour authority and power rather than self-value or self-worth. A brand will tell the audience they have xx% of the market share, they won awards, they have the top selling product of the year, but this isn’t always what the customer wants.

What can I do for you?

The customer wants the focus on them – how can the product/service benefit them? How will it improve their life? If it goes wrong is there someone on the end of the phone/email to help? Did others benefit from the product and where can I see what they said about it? Is the social media engaging me or is it blasting posts about how great the company is? Are their blog posts helpful and relevant?

Criticism under the carpet

Negative feedback is ignored by those with a big ego as they are of the mindset that if the customer doesn’t like it they can go elsewhere. Successful social media would tackle the issue head on and try to come to a resolution for the customer.

Don’t post to say how wonderful you are, post to reveal WHO you are. Create that connection with the potential audience, and leave the ego out of it.


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