Improve your Digital Reputation

Published On: August 5, 2017Categories: Marketing, Social MediaTags: ,

What is said about you or your business online can make or break your success. Use social media as part of your digital marketing strategy to improve your digital reputation.

Building your brand reputation takes time and resources. Technology and the power of the web now means all the hard work can be undone with one bad review or comment.

Being aware and monitoring your social media presence closely can help to improve your digital reputation.


Events, lunches, conferences are still all a great way to connect with the world, but you can network online now too! Presenting the brand in person is one thing, backing up the brand with a strong online presence is another. Here are a few top tips for making sure you use social media to improve and not hinder your business.

  • Take Control – monitor your brand’s social media profiles, make them consistent and coherent. Search for your name on the social media sites to ensure that nobody is stealing your brand identity.
  • Choose your platforms – think about your audience and your industry, some sites will be better than others, and make sure that you link all social media profiles together.
  • Stay Active – if you want to be seen then you must post frequently, comment when appropriate and reply to the audience regularly. Negative comments can be dealt with, great reviews can be appreciated and shared, most importantly the brand stays in the forefront of the audience’s mind.

Thoughtful, relevant content

Be strategic with online content. The more content that is published, the more likely someone will see the information they need. By send out inspiring, interesting, relevant content you have the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. A strong digital marketing content strategy will include regular blog posts, press releases, videos, infographics, workshops and seminars.

A blog is a good reputation builder as it reflects the thoughts and values of the business. It lets the world know what you have to offer. A blog can also be used for search engine optimisation, become tied to the keywords that attract customers.

Don’t forget to follow up on blog content, respond to comments, customers are wanting to engage.

Aspire to become published outside of your own blog. Once you feel comfortable, publish content and guest posts to larger more reliable sources.The wider you reach the more your content will be read and the greater your digital reputation becomes.

Quality Content

It’s not enough for content to be well-written. If it doesn’t speak to the audience you are trying to reach, it will do little to improve your online reputation. Content should be original, informative and appealing. Consumers are constantly bombarded with information on a daily basis, make your content stand out.

Consistency, diversity and a strategic approach are all necessary components to the online digital marketing strategy that will improve your digital reputation and keep it positive.


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