How to eliminate cut-and-paste from your business processes

Published On: October 13, 2022Categories: Robotic Process Automation

I’ve lost count of the number of clients I speak to who are frustrated with their internal processes.

The Digital Marketing industry has grown so fast that it seems the internal processes and executive reporting systems have been slightly left behind. Ask most marketers what they most fear and the answer is often “When the boss asks me for all the up-to-date KPI data for a meeting in 10 minutes time” Why does that fill you with dread? Because even the most basic reports, without automated systems, can take hours to pull together.

You’ve got your website visitor data, email open rates, social media engagement, ad spend and ROI, and many more datapoints that all have to be compiled into a format that the boss can understand and possibly present.

Add to that all the internal data, marcomms, intranet posts, financial KPIs, etc and the data can become overwhelming; if you think there is a better way the cut-and-paste, you are most certainly correct! Even if you have an ancient database that you have been told can’t be updated or exported, do not fear, RPA is here! Robotic Process Automation is a system that will automate cut-and-paste operations and leave you to be doing less mind-numbing tasks.

Here at eppiq, we are experts in connecting all sorts of different systems; start by typing the name of your systems into Google and put API on the end – if the results show things like “REST” or “API Documetnation” then your system can be connected – don’t struggle anymore, call us and we can help.