Fat Fingers and False Clicks

Published On: September 11, 2017Categories: Social MediaTags:

Facebook advertising has taken off at great pace. More and more businesses are using Facebook ads as a way of reaching target audiences.

Make your advertising count

Facebook wants to create an effective, specific marketing system, by updating it’s Facebook Audience Network they plan to use product changes to invalidate unintentional clicks, and proactively pause implementations that exhibit abnormal click behaviour.

Facebook will measure the amount of time a user spends on an ad unit to assess whether or not a user has intentionally clicked on that ad.

Facebook speaks out about the new initiative

Brett Vogel, Product Marketing Manager for Facebook says “we found that people who click on an Audience Network ad and spend less than two-seconds on a destination page almost always clicked accidentally. Moving forward, we will no longer count clicks categorized as unintentional. We will continually refine and adjust this threshold as we gather more data and signals.”

The new initiative will also include advanced analytics systems to review clickthrough rates to ensure publishers have created placements that deliver value to the advertiser.

Research from 2016 claimed that over 60% of clicks on mobile display ads were accidental – “fat fingers” usually targeted as the prime excuse.

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