Digital Marketing to Disappear?

Published On: October 31, 2019Categories: MarketingTags: ,

Several months ago Google quietly announced that Digital Marketing was coming to an end. Despite the rather bleak insinuation, they actually mean the opposite.

With technology advancing and consumer behaviour analysis, Google believe that there is no longer the need to specify “Digital” Marketing and that it is in fact just “Marketing.” Gone are the days of traditional marketing and online marketing. Businesses should be engaging in some form of digital marketing as the norm in their marketing strategy.

Consumers have shown that they use the internet to research and browse products, they buy online, they buy offline, they use mobile apps to purchase products and services. Videos, social media, testimonials, there are aspects of Digital Marketing in every buyer process.


Marketing 101


Marketing basics are the 4 P’s, Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The first three are quite simple however the boundaries of promotion have moved considerably over the years.

A business will sell a product, that product will have a price, it will be available in certain locations. In the past promotion could range from direct mailouts, advertisements in print or on television, even a sign in a shop window. Digital Marketing has opened up promotion to an incredible level. What may have reached thousands in the past will now potentially reach millions.

Google are not saying there is no more Digital Marketing, they are saying that all marketing should be Digital. Billboards across the world are turning digital, there is no longer a difference in digital and non-digital marketing tactics.


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