Digital Marketing is good for your health?

Published On: June 11, 2019Categories: MarketingTags:

The internet, newspapers, advertising boards, and various promotional material is all shouting at us to take care of ourselves and create the perfect balance in our lives. Endless self help and mindfulness books are available. But the simple fact is that wellness is basically feeling good.

Everything we do in life and every emotion we have affects our well-being, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. So where does this relate to digital marketing? Marketing is the act of explaining to a potential customer why they NEED a particular product or service. Marketing shows the potential customer how this product will revolutionise their life, why a service is exactly what they are missing.


Digital Services


Pay per click advertising gets your brand or advert in front of people who want your product or service. Search Engine Optimisation puts your website in front of consumers who are looking for your product or service. The goal of PPC and SEO is to give potential customers easy access to your website. Content Marketing gives customers and potential customers information about a topic or service they might be interested in. Remarketing prompts those who have looked at your website but for whatever reason, have not followed through with a purchase or made contact.  Email Marketing provides offers and information to people interested in your product or service. Even websites are designed with potential customers and users in mind with straightforward calls to action, easy navigation and clever design.


Digital Marketing makes people happy


If the marketing efforts work, the message reaches the target audience and the product or service provides value or benefit to the customer, it makes them happy, which is good for their well-being. Therefore Digital Marketing is good for your health!

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