Cyber Protection

Published On: April 25, 2019Categories: SecurityTags:

Are you making the right password choices to keep your online information safe?

A study by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) found that “123456” was the password of choice for far to many online users. Surprisingly in these modern times; “PASSWORD” is also a favourite. Further results from the NCSC show that 42% of British online users expect to have money stolen online and only 15% of those surveyed felt they knew how to protect themselves online.

The NCSC website holds a wealth of information about staying safe online and protecting your information:

  • Use a strong unique password for separate accounts, having the same password for all accounts is considered high risk.
  • Make sure software and app updates are done regularly as they often have fixes or developments to protect against cyber risks.
  • Where possible use two-factor authentication on accounts.
  • Use a free password manager to create and remember passwords. There are many available online such as
  • Take advantage of lock screens and password log ins, giving an extra layer of security.
  • Back up EVERYTHING. Important information or personal information should always be backed up to an external hardrive or cloud-based storage system.


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