Customer Loyalty and Marketing Strategy

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In the hectic world today, people want to make things as simple as possible, wherever possible. Marketers need to note this psychological desire for simplicity and use it to their advantage.

Delivering a good marketing message to potential customers is important, but there is a need for more care and consideration when crafting those messages.

A recent study showed that 89% of customers in the UK and US said they make decisions based on customer experience ahead of price and product.

Build the experience

A poor customer experience is usually the result of a difference between what a brand says it will deliver and what it actually delivers. Once you set an expectation you have to meet it as people will walk away after a poor experience. The difference now is they can be vocal about a bad experience via social media.

How do you deliver great customer experiences?

The marketing message is the key. Whatever you claim or promise in any marketing – you must do.

If a Google Ad draws people in by offering 50% discount, there needs to be 50% discount.

If a Facebook message says free product with every purchase, there must be consistency.

Every business or brand has the power to promote an honest message about their products and services.

Customers want a great deal or great price but not at the sacrifice of a great experience. Treat your marketing message like both an opportunity and a responsibility. You have the opportunity to set yourself up for success by crafting the right message. You have a responsibility to your customers – and to your brand – to be honest about your products and services.

Building a great customer experience starts with the marketing message.

Deliver on the promise

What is a great customer experience? Well, it’s an experience that matches your marketing message.

If you know your product or service has capabilities and limitations, only promise the truth about what you can deliver. If your product does 5 amazing things but you say it does 10 – the customer is only going to be disappointed.

If any part of your experience fails to meet the expectations set up for the customer, they will view it as a poor experience, and rate it as a poor experience.

When it comes down to it, customers want to discover a product or service and buy it again and again when they need it. It’s human psychology. Promise what you deliver, deliver it and enjoy the repeat business.


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