Adaptable Digital Marketing

The Digital landscape is constantly changing and evolving, so much so that standard good Digital Marketing practice, has always been to have a strategy that can be flexible and adapt to any changes along the way. Understanding the market, the audience and the technology is key to making any essential changes that support not only a Digital Marketing strategy but the business strategy as a whole.

There are several key areas of a Digital Marketing strategy that must be flexible to guarantee success.


Website Design


The first websites were basic and limited, with the evolution of design packages such as Photoshop and systems like Javascript, websites not only became more visually appealing, they were more interactive and functional. Requirements have gone from using websites for basic information, to wanting websites to provide virtual services and detailed profiling. often posts lists of the best website designs, or websites that have caught their eye. One in particular is a website called most likely chosen as it is visually stunning, as are many of the websites in their list. Minimalist e-commerce sites, creative designer websites and engaging blog sites seem to be the style of choice with many. Styles and fashions can change very quickly and there is a large amount of research surrounding retail design. A shop layout, colour, branding – even the door handle can all impact buyer behaviour. Online is no different.

If a website is visually appealing and engaging, consumers are more likely to spend time on the website, looking around, appreciating the visual aspect of Digital Marketing. But, much like anything in life – just because it looks good; doesn’t mean it functions well.

Websites must be practical. The main goal of an online user is to find an answer or purchase a product or service. If a website is beautifully designed, simple to use and directs the user to exactly what they were looking for, but then doesn’t make it clear how to purchase an item, contact the business or the next steps that user should take…the beautiful website has served little purpose.

A successful website will draw the user in, show them what they want and guide them to the desired outcome. Making websites functional is equally as important has making them look good.


Marketing Automation


Digital Marketing activities such as marketing automation can evolve on the basis of user behaviour and technology. Sending a bulk email or text message promotion are not obsolete, they have just evolved. Imagine a large fishing net, the fisherman wants to catch a specific type of fish but when casting the net he catches everything in the radius. He uses the same amount of energy dragging in the net but only gets a small percentage of the fish he actually wanted.

Marketing Automation allows for a more specific targeting based on user behaviour and interaction. Whilst automation is attractive as it frees up precious time, it is not completely hands free. To keep marketing automation effective it is important to review the process regularly to stay on top of audience interaction and make sure that strategies are still relevant. Marketing automation is about nurturing and developing consumer and business relations.


Search Engine Optimisation


SEO practice is not so much about being flexible, but more about adapting to Google. To keep the digital realm running smoothly and provide users with good quality, relevant websites, Google updates it’s algorithm regularly to keep the standard high and websites user friendly. Updates have varied from making websites mobile friendly to penalizing websites that don’t conform to SEO rules.

Digital Marketers must be aware of any new policies and make sure their efforts take them into consideration.


There is often more than meets the eye to many business processes and Digital Marketing is no exception. Being adaptable is the first step in a successful strategy, but having a strategy that has the flexibility to adapt is key.

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